Limousine and chauffeur service in Geneva

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Geneva is not only an important financial centre but is also home to important international institutions like the UN and the WTO. And so the city attracts large numbers of people from all over the world. Whatever your reason for visiting Geneva, the Sixt Limousine Service can make travelling around the city much more comfortable and convenient. With over 100 years of experience as a limousine service, Sixt can provide professional drivers and premium limousines to get you to your destination in Geneva reliably and with great style.

Limousine service from the airport in Geneva

Sixt can provide you with a first class limousine service the moment you arrive in Geneva. Your chauffeur will be waiting for you inside the terminal at Geneva International Airport or any other local or private airports in the region. They will then assist you with your luggage, show you straight to your limousine, and provide a comfortable journey to your hotel in the city or straight to your first appointment of the day. You can just sit back and relax, read a complimentary newspaper, and get ready for the day ahead. Sixt’s limousine service also provides flight tracking, meaning your chauffeur will be there at the right time to pick you up even if your flight into Geneva is delayed.

A chauffeur service to suit your needs

All of Sixt’s chauffeurs in Geneva are expertly-trained, English-speaking and knowledgeable about their city, able to offer great insight if required. There are two ways to book the Sixt Limousine Service in Geneva. Firstly you can book your limousine for a journey from A to B with pickup anywhere in and around Geneva. But you are also able to reserve a limousine and chauffeur for a number of hours at a time. This is especially useful if you have a number of meetings or events throughout the day, as your chauffeur will always be on had to take you to your next appointment.

Sixt also specialises in providing first class transport for any kind of event, including many prestigious ones around the world. If you are attending, or in particular if you are organising an event in Geneva, our team can work with you to create a tailored solution for the transport for your event and meet any special requests you may have.