Limousine and chauffeur service in Cologne

Germany 0800 / 723 70 99
Austria +43 (0) 1 710 45 79
Basel +41 (0) 61 66 66 24 0
Zürich&Genf +41 (0) 44 81 78 78 7
France +33(0)1 44 38 55 50
US Toll Free +1 888 749 8544
China +86 18029569516
Other countries

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for the Sixt Limousine Service, and so you can always expect a punctual, reliable, discreet, and high quality service. With the Sixt Limousine Service you can experience a tailor-made service which goes the extra mile. We strive to meet to fulfil all of your requirements and wishes, whether you book an airport or trade fair transfer, our limousine service, event service, or even a city tour of Cologne. Your chauffeur will personally welcome you at your hotel or the airport with a limousine from our exclusive fleet, and can even manage your schedule, informing you of changes to appointments or flight departure times.

Sixt’s luxurious limousine service in Cologne

The Sixt Limousine Service in Cologne is not only for business people and politicians, but anyone who likes to travel in a relaxed and elegant manner. The Sixt Limousine Service can cater to any request and is available any time of day over the phone on + 49 (0) 800 723 709 9. And it is not only in Cologne, but in hundreds of cities across the world, where you can enjoy Sixt’s high quality limousine service.

Chauffeur service in Cologne

With Sixt’s chauffeur service you can enjoy something really special. Your personal chauffeur is not only there to get you from A to B but can also act as your personal assistant for the time you have booked. Do you want to attend a play or show that has long been sold out? Or maybe you planned to eat at one the finest restaurants in the city, but there are no tables left? Sixt always tries to make the impossible possible with its chauffeur service, and with a well-connected concierge service, can try to fulfil any request. With over 100 years of experience, you can know that you are in the right hands with Sixt, and can enjoy much more than you’d expect from a regular chauffeur service.

Your individualized chauffeur service in Cologne

Our chauffeurs are all professionally trained with excellent local knowledge. They will be able to fulfil any special request. If you want a shopping tour of Cologne’s most exclusive boutiques, your driver will be happy to show you the best shops and most interesting places that Cologne has to offer. Likewise, you can also enjoy a sightseeing tour with Sixt’s chauffeur service. The old town, cathedral, Hohenzollern Bridge, and the historic town hall are just some of the sights known across the world. Enjoy Cologne’s most important sights from the comfort of your own limousine.

Chauffeur service of the highest standard

You can count on Sixt’s experience in Cologne, whether you are preparing for an important business meeting or need to pick important clients up from the airport. The Sixt chauffeur service will get you to and from your appointments, and can also help to perform any errands or make any reservations, during your business lunch or meeting. If you have booked a transfer to the airport, your chauffeur can keep you informed of any changes to your flight’s schedule.

Fantastic service with the most experienced chauffeurs

All of Sixt’s chauffeurs are professionally trained with many years’ experience to provide an excellent service you can always rely on. You don’t have to worry about traffic or parking when you instead use a chauffeur service to get to your special event in Cologne. We can get you to the airport relaxed for your flight and pick you up around the clock.